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Does Your Organization Truly Value Its Employees?

If you’re one of those individuals who can wake up in the morning and truly LOVE your job, not because of the money, but because of the loyalty and happiness your company provides, then you’re truly blessed.  In today’s world especially, most would assume that if you’re employed then you might just be “sticking it […]

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Whose responsibility is work-life balance?

Did you all hear about the recent ruling against Bloomberg employees who’d claimed they were discriminated against for being mothers? The judge – who happens to be female – rejected the claim, citing insufficient evidence.  You can see the details of the case (here too, for a different perspective) and form your own opinion on […]

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Women, the Workplace, and Companies’ Role in Gender Equality.

Following the recent Walmart lawsuit, the media has focused on women in the workplace today: their successes, their challenges, and their aspirations.. Women in the workplace have come so far since the days of their mothers and grandmothers.  That isn’t to say they work harder than their predecessors; they just have more choices about what […]

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