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Is The Economy Holding You back Or Is There Another Reason You Can’t Land A Job?

The struggle of trying to find employment in today’s world can be an incredibly daunting task; let’s be honest, it’s easier said than done.  The search may seem relentless and frustrating, especially when you believe you’re meeting all the necessary requirements in order to get that job; but, are you really meeting all the necessary […]

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Is It Really That Difficult To Track Down Top Talent?

Successfully attaining dedicated and viable candidates in today’s marketplace may seem to be an impossible task.  Employers are constantly in search of the “perfect” candidate, but does this seemingly flawless individual actually exist?  Truth be told, employers might be the ones to blame for the talent shortages that are present – or rather – lacking within […]

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Whoa, Not So Fast College Grad; That Piece of Paper Doesn’t Necessarily Guarantee A Job Anymore.

From the time we start school parents have a vision of their children being successful not only academically, but assume these achievements will lead to a successful future filled with plenty of job opportunities to choose from.  Being “picky” in a jobless environment is not an option for many, especially college graduates who not only […]

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Signs Washington is Starting to Think About Jobs

Suddenly, all at once we’re seeing several signs that the government might finally be taking actionable steps towards ‘job creation.’  We use the term ‘job creation’ loosely, because the government doesn’t create jobs; innovation and production create jobs – but the government can do things to make innovation and production possible.  Here are a few […]

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Why is recruiting so hard if 9% of the workforce is unemployed?

Why is recruiting so hard if 9% of the workforce is unemployed? By: Tom Bodeep, Senior Vice President, Company-Owned Operations We are in the most unique labor market I have ever seen. While there is clearly an abundance of people on the market either unemployed or under-employed, jobs are taking longer to fill and hiring […]

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debt ceiling

The Debt Ceiling: A Little Less Talk, A Little More Action

Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics presented a bleak unemployment report, with few jobs added and a higher unemployment rate. Certainly, the debt ceiling negotiations have contributed to a slight stall in business and of course jobs, as leaders watch and wait out the uncertainty.  There’s been so much focus on what might happen […]

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>The Death of Vocational Education. Insight from Brian Robinson, President & CEO of TRC Staffing Services, Inc.

The Death of Vocational Education. Insight from Brian Robinson, President & CEO of TRC Staffing Services, Inc.

I grew up during the 70’s and 80’s in a typical suburban neighborhood outside of Atlanta.  During that time, Marietta, Georgia was one of the fastest growing areas in the Country.  My elementary school was growing so quickly, I went to a brand new school by the time I was in third grade.  It was […]

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How Do We Fix Unemployment?

How do we fix unemployment? According to politicians, the answer is create jobs.  Some politicians get elected to office on the promise of creating X number of jobs.  The reality is, though we know politicians would love to create jobs, they cannot deliver on their promise in an immediate and sustainable fashion.  No one can […]

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Mixed Messages on the Job Front

The Bad News. The ADP Report for May was disappointing, with only 38,000 private sector jobs added – a drastic drop from the 177,000 jobs added in April, and less than one-fourth the increase estimated by analysts.  The drop immediately prompted a selloff ending in the Dow Jones down 279 points. . In addition, the […]

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