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A Step in the Right Direction

We’ve posted numerous times on the current jobs dilemma, the “skills gap.”  Our own President and CEO, Brian Robinson discussed the Death of Vocational Education, and our Senior VP of Company-Owned Operations Tom Bodeep discussed the Difficulty of Recruiting. If you aren’t familiar with the skills gap, or training gap, a simple Google search will […]

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debt ceiling

The Debt Ceiling: A Little Less Talk, A Little More Action

Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics presented a bleak unemployment report, with few jobs added and a higher unemployment rate. Certainly, the debt ceiling negotiations have contributed to a slight stall in business and of course jobs, as leaders watch and wait out the uncertainty.  There’s been so much focus on what might happen […]

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Growing Demand for IT Talent

Growing Demand for IT Talent

As we touched on earlier this week, competition for IT skills and talent is high and growing.  Companies of all types and sizes increasingly rely on technology for so many aspects of their business – from marketing to fulfillment.  As technology advances almost daily, it can be difficult to find employees who understand it – how to […]

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How Do We Fix Unemployment?

How do we fix unemployment? According to politicians, the answer is create jobs.  Some politicians get elected to office on the promise of creating X number of jobs.  The reality is, though we know politicians would love to create jobs, they cannot deliver on their promise in an immediate and sustainable fashion.  No one can […]

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