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Misinterpreted: Are Your Emails Sending The Wrong Message?

We all make the mistake of hitting “send” before proof-reading emails and we assume the recipients have a complete understanding of the tone and content of our emails.  A Study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reports that the tone in an email is misinterpreted 50 percent of the time; no one wants […]

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The Rise of Tablets in the Workplace

It used to that the Blackberry was the symbol of on-the-go technology in the business world.  Then, as Apple began creeping from creative environments into the business side, people began to favor the iPhone for its applications, many of which make life easier for busy, on-the-move people. Now it seems that another Apple product has […]

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2011 Global CIO Insights Studies by IBM

Whether you’re a company leader in a position to make spending decisions, or a job-seeker looking to make yourself marketable, you might be interested in the 2011 Global CIO Insights Studies by IBM.  You can view the summary PDFs, or register (it’s free) to access the full insights, or if you’re in a hurry, below are a […]

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