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How Millennials Are Changing “Work-Life” Balance to “Life-Work” Balance

There are over 80 million Millennials in the U.S. and around half of them are in the workforce today. Every year, over 4 million new Millennials enter the workforce and some project that by 2025 they will make up 75% of employees. This is the generation that is changing the regular 9 to 5 job […]

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Don’t let the Holiday Season Take over Your Social Media

It’s the end of October and the Holidays are right around the corner. There will be costume parties, turkey suppers and gingerbread houses in the very near future. The seasons will change and temperatures will drop but one thing should stay consistent, your job search. How you present yourself during the holiday season may determine […]

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Employers Turn to “A” Candidates Digital Footprints for Answers

There is no denying the fact that the world of recruiting has evolved significantly overtime. Prior to the innovation of Google, LinkedIn and online job boards, candidates responded to job postings via bulletin boards and newspapers. Due to the evolution of these social platforms, today’s employers are now shifting to a more “digital” perspective to […]

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Recruiting Takes on Social

Social Media– we live it, see it, and breathe it. Hey, we can’t even get on an elevator or sit in traffic without pulling out our smartphones and scrolling through our Twitter feed, am I right? By serving as our society’s primary communication tool, Social Media continues to dictate the direction of brand engagement. Moving […]

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Employers Use Your Social Profiles to Aid Hiring Decisions

Did you know that half of employers who perform internet searches on potential candidates, reject candidates because of social media posts?  This is according to a new CareerBuilder survey, and reported here. The survey found that 43% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, up 39% from last year and 36% in […]

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Recruiters Rely on Social Media to Reveal Top Candidates

Recruiters have found the surge in use of social media to be very valuable in their field for more than one reason.  Job-seekers need to be prepared that potential employers are searching social media profiles to ensure they find the right person to fill the desired position. Since recruiters are looking at a candidate’s social […]

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Millennials – A Generation That Won’t Hesitate To Make A Change

The days of the 30-year career are becoming a thing of the past; starting and remaining at one company your entire working career is a very rare occurrence.  These days, it’s becoming quite common to see a diversified work history.  You can credit a struggling economy, as well as the millennial generation for this change. […]

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Social Tools for Recruiting Top Candidates

Top talent is driven by more than a steady income.  They want fulfilling work they can own, while also being a part of something bigger.  While LinkedIn is currently serving as a recruitment tool for many recruiters, there are other (and in some ways, better) online platforms for recruiting the very top talent.  Let’s discuss […]

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Should employers examine candidates’ Facebook profiles?

There’s a debate going on right now about whether or not employers ought to check out a potential employee’s Facebook profile during the hiring process. One side of the argument goes like this: Companies have no business stalking job candidates’ Facebook profiles.  People’s personal Facebook profiles are meant for friends and family and their content […]

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Which is Better for B2B Companies, LinkedIn or Facebook?

Which is better for marketing B2B Companies- LinkedIn or Facebook?  In our opinion, the two platforms work to accomplish completely different things, so you can’t really choose one over the other.  The best marketing for B2B or B2C will include both as part of their strategy for interacting with clients and employees.  But we don’t […]

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