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How to write a resume that speaks to an applicant tracking system.

When you apply to a job online, it can feel like your resume might be getting lost among who knows how many others. And honestly, sometimes it does. But there are some things you can do to ensure your resume will be accurately matched to jobs that suit you, instead of getting buried beneath a […]

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How-to Customize Your Resume

It’s Wednesday and you’re more than likely dreaming about your weekend plans. Well, if you weren’t – you are now. Let’s say a friend texts you and asks you to play ball. What kind of ball? Basketball? Football? Soccer? You have to text them back and ask “what kind?” You don’t want to show up […]

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Interview Etiquette Checklist

Whether you are straight out of college or just getting back into the job market, the interview process can be overwhelming. It’s important to stay organized during your job search. Here is a basic interview checklist for your next meeting with a potential employer. First things first, before you even walk into an interview make […]

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Don’t Make These 4 Not-So-Obvious Job Search Mistakes

There are those obvious mistakes most people know are job-search no-nos – like typos in your resume, or arriving late to an interview. Then there are the not-so-obvious mistakes, that even an excellent job candidate can make.  For example, candidates with amazing backgrounds sometimes focus too much on what they’ve achieved in the past – […]

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Separate Yourself from Other Candidates

You have just come across this amazing job opportunity and have spent hours revising your resume. At this point, it seems like you’ve covered it all between tweaking your resume, perfecting every word in your cover letter and providing an impeccable list of references. But is it enough to set yourself apart as a job […]

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Cover Letter Formalities: Do’s and Don’ts

 There it is again, “please submit your resume and cover letter to ___@___.com.” You have tweaked and revised your  resume multiple times but cannot determine how to differentiate your cover letter from the other candidates. In today’s world, the vast majority of cover letters end up looking fairly similar and instead of landing in the […]

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Retiring The Traditional Resume, Is It an Option?

Getting used to change is one of the hardest things to face in an ever-changing world – that being said, should we consider perfecting, or potentially getting rid of something like the resume which has been widely viewed as a staple to job seekers? Resumes have played a vital role in the hiring process for […]

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