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Don’t let the Holiday Season Take over Your Social Media

It’s the end of October and the Holidays are right around the corner. There will be costume parties, turkey suppers and gingerbread houses in the very near future. The seasons will change and temperatures will drop but one thing should stay consistent, your job search. How you present yourself during the holiday season may determine […]

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The Best Way to Handle Job Rejection

We know that you receive plenty of feedback about the steps you take before getting the actual job, but for some reason not many people bring up the elephant in the room when it is all said and done- how to cope with rejection. And we know, just like in your relationships, getting rejected can […]

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Job seekers’ questions for recruiters

Which recruiter is right for you? Here are a few questions to help you decide. Do you charge a fee? There are rare exceptions, but generally the answer should be no. What’s your area of specialization? What type of positions does the recruiter place, and what types of companies does she place them in? Make […]

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Why Our Recruiters are So Good at What They Do

The best recruiters have certain strengths that set them apart and make them especially awesome at their jobs.  At TRC, we look for those traits in our recruiters, and as a result we believe our recruiters are among the best in the industry. The following strengths are important in any occupation, but it is particularly […]

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