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Jobs for people who don’t like desks

If the idea of sitting at a desk typing away until retirement doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The good news is, there are plenty of jobs out there that don’t require a cubicle, across a range of industries. Plus, jobs where you’re on your feet can have some real mental […]

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5 Types of People to Avoid in the Office

Whether you’ve started a new job or have been working at the same company for years, it’s important to become a part of the company culture and get to know your co-workers. By doing this, you are making connections, networking, and increasing your knowledge. There are 5 types of people you may need to avoid […]

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Key Tips & Strategies for Leaving Your Job Gracefully

Considering taking that next step in your career, but unsure how to break the news to your employer? Fortunately, TRC Staffing Services can help with that. Recent job market studies indicate an improved economy and an ample amount of job openings exists across multiple industries. Consequently, as more opportunities continue to develop, employees have a […]

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The Best Way to Handle Job Rejection

We know that you receive plenty of feedback about the steps you take before getting the actual job, but for some reason not many people bring up the elephant in the room when it is all said and done- how to cope with rejection. And we know, just like in your relationships, getting rejected can […]

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In-Demand Degree, Yet No Post-Graduation Job Lined Up

A just-released 2014 AfterCollege Career Insights Survey revealed that 83% of responding graduating seniors didn’t have a job lined up yet. The surprising thing is that this statistic applies to even those graduates with in-demand degrees like engineering, math, technology, and business. The demand is there. The problem? They’re just not looking hard enough. According […]

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Pay Equality: 50 Years and Counting

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act – a landmark law promising pay parity for women. Yet, 50 years later, women are still only paid .77 cents to a man’s dollar (full-time, annually). While more women are attending college than men, women only earn $35,296 to a man’s $42,918 right out […]

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