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President Obama moves to make Unemployed Discrimination illegal.

In his jobs bill, Obama includes regulation to protect unemployed people from being discriminated against by hiring companies. We discussed the issue of unemployed discrimination in a previous post, Is there such thing as discrimination against the unemployed? There clearly is.  Many people need jobs, and apparently companies think they can afford to be particularly […]

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What does the President’s jobs plan mean for you?

This video from ere.net does a good job of explaining some of the good and bad in Obama’s jobs plan.  Here are a few highlights: 1. The plan includes investments in schools, payroll tax relief, a tax credit for hiring veterans, and reducing corporate tax deductions, and an unemployment benefits extension. 2. The plan contains too […]

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Jobs Plan.

 Obama announced his jobs plan last night, stressing the urgency of passing the plan immediately… but told us we’d have to wait two weeks to hear the details. I don’t know about you, but I like to know the details before I decide whether or not to pass a plan. Thoughts?

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