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It’ll Cost You—Are People Scared to Negotiate Salary?

The Recession has created so much doubt and uncertainty for people that they no longer expect certain accolades, which were once offered in the past.  People fear requesting certain things like an increase in salary because they assume the next time they visit the mailroom they’ll have a pink slip awaiting them, and if that […]

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Millennials – A Generation That Won’t Hesitate To Make A Change

The days of the 30-year career are becoming a thing of the past; starting and remaining at one company your entire working career is a very rare occurrence.  These days, it’s becoming quite common to see a diversified work history.  You can credit a struggling economy, as well as the millennial generation for this change. […]

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Man vs. Machine

This January 17 article from the Wall Street Journal is a fascinating one.  We highly suggest you read it here, as well as the discussion in the comments section which contains its own insights. The article is titled Man vs. Machine, a Jobless Recovery.  As the title suggests, it discusses a fear held by many […]

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Job Growth Accelerates

The news was appropriately good on this Friday morning. In December, the unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent, the lowest since February 2009.  The U.S. Labor Department reported a 200,000 gain in jobs.  The news is good, but the country still must clear hurdles, including adding sufficient jobs to keep up with the population growth, […]

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Fastest Growing Jobs of the Next Decade

Looking for a new career path?  Trying to decide where to move?  We found this handy infographic on Business Insider.  The bad news is, if your specialty is textile bleaching, your job outlook isn’t good.  The good news is, if your skills lie in technology, engineering, or healthcare, you’re in demand. TRC Staffing is happy to […]

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Good News for Job-Seekers.

On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Staticsreported a slight dip in unemployment to 8.9% and an increase of 222,000 private-sector jobs.  Whether you’re unemployed or simply ready for a new and different opportunity, now may be the time to go confidently forward. Jobs have opened up in professional and business services, construction, healthcare, transportation and […]

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