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Whoa, Not So Fast College Grad; That Piece of Paper Doesn’t Necessarily Guarantee A Job Anymore.

From the time we start school parents have a vision of their children being successful not only academically, but assume these achievements will lead to a successful future filled with plenty of job opportunities to choose from.  Being “picky” in a jobless environment is not an option for many, especially college graduates who not only […]

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Job “Creation”

We know politicians would love to create jobs, but they cannot deliver on their promise in an immediate and sustainable fashion.  No one can create jobs.  Jobs evolve out of need. And need comes from ingenuity.  Politicians could sit at their desks and play on Facebook for their entire terms and jobs would still be […]

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Man vs. Machine

This January 17 article from the Wall Street Journal is a fascinating one.  We highly suggest you read it here, as well as the discussion in the comments section which contains its own insights. The article is titled Man vs. Machine, a Jobless Recovery.  As the title suggests, it discusses a fear held by many […]

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Signs Washington is Starting to Think About Jobs

Suddenly, all at once we’re seeing several signs that the government might finally be taking actionable steps towards ‘job creation.’  We use the term ‘job creation’ loosely, because the government doesn’t create jobs; innovation and production create jobs – but the government can do things to make innovation and production possible.  Here are a few […]

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