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How to Prepare for a Video Interview

More and more companies are arranging video-chat interviews with candidates, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of having interviewees hop on a plane for an in-person meeting. It’s great, except conducting a video interview requires a different set of considerations for the candidate preparing to put his or her best foot forward. Besides all the traditional […]

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Interview Etiquette Checklist

Whether you are straight out of college or just getting back into the job market, the interview process can be overwhelming. It’s important to stay organized during your job search. Here is a basic interview checklist for your next meeting with a potential employer. First things first, before you even walk into an interview make […]

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How Is Your Body Language Being Perceived By Interviewers?

We convey messages through a variety of different ways other than speaking.  Our body language is a unique form of communication that some may think is trivial, but oddly enough, can be a very powerful form of communication. Research has revealed that body language can describe more about an individual than their words spoken. The […]

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Are Employers Checking The References You Provided?

Is it likely for a job seeker to recover after providing a potential employer with a faulty reference?  Most likely not—which confirms that employers are not only looking for references on applications, but contacting them as well. References are incredibly important and make a potential employer aware of what to expect when hiring you—in terms of your […]

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Forget Technical Skills, Employers Are Searching for Soft Skills

Employers spend an enormous amount of time sifting through resumes searching for something specific, but unfortunately you rarely find “exceptional soft skills” displayed on a resume.  Employers are not only validating that your technical skills are up to par, but they’re also on the lookout for soft skills–professional demeanor, punctuality and even something  some would […]

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The Right Boss Matters

People always talk about finding the right job, but you don’t hear them talk about finding the right manager – until they’re in the job, and then you often hear them complain. Really, they should consider their “fit” with each manager during the interview process.  As much as the job requirements, a manager controls your […]

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