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Interview Etiquette Checklist

Whether you are straight out of college or just getting back into the job market, the interview process can be overwhelming. It’s important to stay organized during your job search. Here is a basic interview checklist for your next meeting with a potential employer. First things first, before you even walk into an interview make […]

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Does It Pay To Be Pretty?

Is it possible that an employer would be more generous in terms of salary with an attractive individual versus an unattractive one?  Is our society more superficial than we think?  Believe it or not, studies have shown that attractive people are usually hired quicker, offered promotions sooner and paid more than less attractive workers. You’re […]

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Forget Technical Skills, Employers Are Searching for Soft Skills

Employers spend an enormous amount of time sifting through resumes searching for something specific, but unfortunately you rarely find “exceptional soft skills” displayed on a resume.  Employers are not only validating that your technical skills are up to par, but they’re also on the lookout for soft skills–professional demeanor, punctuality and even something  some would […]

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Dress for Interview Success

Dress for Interview Success

Appearance counts, especially at a job interview.  Your interviewer and people at the company will be judging you by your answers to questions, and also by how you’re put together. That includes what you’re wearing and what you carry with you.  Here are some tips to ensure you’re presenting yourself in a manner that helps […]

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