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5 Types of People to Avoid in the Office

Whether you’ve started a new job or have been working at the same company for years, it’s important to become a part of the company culture and get to know your co-workers. By doing this, you are making connections, networking, and increasing your knowledge. There are 5 types of people you may need to avoid […]

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The Rise of Accounting Professionals

Accounting plays a crucial role to the corporate structure at almost any organization. As the economy continues to improve, professionals in financial operations are needed now more than ever to alleviate our nation’s financial setback. Due to this recent shift, the demand for accounting professionals in today’s job market has skyrocketed. The Bureau of Labor […]

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Measuring for Cultural Fit

Does your company invest effort into measuring new employees for cultural fit?  At TRC Staffing, we consider cultural fit heavily when matching workers and companies.  In fact, it’s a crucial part of our assessment of clients and candidates. We thought this culture alignment scale on Ere.net was an interesting way to consider workers’ fit within […]

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