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Closing the skills gap may start in high school

Almost 3 in 4 (73% of) high school seniors already know what career they plan to pursue, according to a new survey by Careerbuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. That means, if we want supply to meet demand, its important to get school-aged kids excited about science and math. For example, in the case of […]

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employer branding

A good example of “employer branding” (aka recruitment strategy)

Want to forgo the flood of unqualified job applicants for a pool of skilled candidates perfectly suited for your company?  You might want to follow the example of companies like Johnson & Johnson, whose recent revamping of their employer brand included a new and improved Careers Website. What did the new site entail? Part of […]

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Stay Connected While Working Remotely

Working remotely has become increasingly common, and often considered a major perk to those who can do their work via computer and appreciate the flexibility telecommuting affords them. But – because there are certain things you miss out on when you’re not actually going in to an office, it’s important to mend those gaps if […]

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Try these mood boosters, and be happier at work!

We all know that, quite simply, when we’re in a good mood, we work better. The following tips are good to keep in mind as mood boosters. They’re simple methods anyone can do to feel happier on a daily basis. Try them and see!

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Habits that make you smarter.

Just as a workout exercises your muscles and heart, certain activities exercise and improve your brain power. Make the below tips a habit, and you’ll become a smarter person. Get rid of cable and deactivate Facebook. Okay, we know that may seem a bit extreme. Especially since sitting down to watch The Bachelorette is a guilty […]

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Why a Bad Job Isn’t So Bad

There’s a reason The Office – with its overbearing boss, strange coworkers, and dull cubicles – was so relatable. Most of us have at one point or another been in a job we didn’t like. Maybe it was a bad boss, low pay, or unfulfilling work that made us hate it. But we’ve all been there. The […]

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How to go to bed happy. Promise this trick works.

What makes you feel good at the end of the day? Ask most people, and they’ll say they feel most at peace if they’ve been productive, having filled their day with hard work, accomplishment, and very importantly, the little things that make them happy. Days like this sometimes just happen, but you don’t usually get […]

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Good Reason to Take Vacation

Summer has more than arrived (though a bit late this year). If lugging your laptop and bags to work, wearing heels or a suit, in 90-degree weather doesn’t make you long for someplace tropical, nothing will. But, in case you need more excuse to take a vacation, here are a few good reasons why you […]

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working dad

In Celebration of Working Fathers

We often hear about working mom challenges, and those challenges are very real. Many have to do with the never-ending puzzle that is: how to give 100% both at work and at home. And as the burden of bread-winning is increasingly shared and even assumed by mothers, many fathers are compensating by taking on more […]

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In-Demand Degree, Yet No Post-Graduation Job Lined Up

A just-released 2014 AfterCollege Career Insights Survey revealed that 83% of responding graduating seniors didn’t have a job lined up yet. The surprising thing is that this statistic applies to even those graduates with in-demand degrees like engineering, math, technology, and business. The demand is there. The problem? They’re just not looking hard enough. According […]

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