Signs you need a staffing firm’s help


Even for candidates with in-demand skills, it can be difficult and time-consuming to navigate the job search alone. With employers looking for highly specific skill sets (and willing to wait for them) and application processes that can feel like you’re tossing your resume into a digital well, it can feel a bit discouraging at times.

 If you’ve experienced these, or the following road blocks to finding a job, it might be time to contact a recruiter.

 1. Despite being qualified, you’re not hearing back from employers.  Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Lots of great candidates apply but don’t hear back, for a variety of reasons. The problem is, you can waste an awful lot of valuable time applying to jobs and not hearing back before you finally land one. Here’s where a staffing firm comes in. Because recruiters understand cultural fit, soft skills, and key points you need to hit on to attract each individual employer, they can hone in on the right jobs for you, for a more targeted – and efficient – search.

 2. You’ve been out of the market for a while.  If you haven’t been working for a while, or your skills are a bit rusty, a recruiter can get you up to speed on what you need to be learning to make yourself marketable again. Many people take breaks from their careers for personal reasons. That doesn’t mean you can’t jump back in when you’re ready. In fact, a staffing firm can match you with temp positions so you can gain experience in the meantime.

 3. You can’t find job listings you’re looking for.  Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Often hiring managers don’t even post positions, opting instead to ask a recruiter to keep a lookout. Staffing firms have inside knowledge about jobs that might be a perfect fit for you, but that you wouldn’t even know about if you looked online yourself.

 4. The compensation being offered to you isn’t enough.  Or, you find it uncomfortable to ask for what you want.  Recruiters know up front what the position offers, so there’s no mystery or time wasted – and they’ll be the negotiators for you, so you can let them know what you expect, and if it is realistic, they’ll do the work of making it happen.

 5. You’re getting opportunities – just not the right ones.  A great recruiter won’t waste your time with piles of offers that aren’t a perfect fit. Instead, you’ll form a relationship with your recruiter and only receive job offers that you’re truly interested in.

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