Bilingual? You’re needed in the workforce.

bilingual_2More than half of the U.S. population growth between 2000 and 2010 is in the Hispanic sector, according to U.S. Census Bureau population reports. And with it, the demand for bilingual employees is also growing. You’ll find jobs requiring a knowledge of Spanish and other languages in every industry, but here are a few hot ones right now.

Human Resources. Since Latinos are a rapidly growing percentage of the population, Spanish-speaking HR specialists are needed to relate to qualified candidates and assist with multicultural recruiting needs.

Law Enforcement. Right now, bilingual job seekers with a degree and police or military experience will find excellent opportunities with federal and local agencies, who need Spanish speakers to facilitate communication with growing Hispanic communities.

Banking. Bank tellers, for instance, have the important job of handling monetary transactions as well as educating customers about financial options – so it’s crucial bank customers have access to someone who speaks their language. Tellers and other bilingual workers in the banking industry are in high demand.

Marketing. The Hispanic population is growing, and so must advertising dollars towards it. As more Spanish speakers flood into the U.S., bilingual marketing managers, copywriters, strategists and more are in increasing demand.

Customer Service. The U.S. is a very customer service-oriented country. So it only makes sense that every company needs more and more Spanish speaking customer service employees to accommodate the growing Hispanic population.

Start your search in any of these industries, and as a bilingual candidate, you’re guaranteed to find a plethora of job possibilities.

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