The year of “the gap.” high school graduation right around the corner, you’re probably planning to spend the next few weeks appreciating every last minute of your senior year. You should be! You’ve spent four years of your life working towards this moment. However, when the joy of your accomplishments wears off, it will be time to take the next big step towards your future. Maybe you are headed to college. Maybe you plan to start work right away. Or, maybe you’ve considered a third option, one that’s increasingly popular these days: the gap year. 

It was recently announced that Malia Obama will take a gap year before attending Harvard for college. While some consider taking a “year off” before college to be a luxury, that really depends on how you look at it. Many choose to take time before college to travel or relax, yes, but others use that time to work and gain experience in the real world, engage in a long-term special project, or otherwise use the time in a constructive and meaningful way. It’s a great opportunity to do a little thinking, save a little money, and get a little experience that might just send you into your college education more focused on your goals and better prepared to succeed once there.

 In fact, gap year statistics show that 60% of gap-year graduates said the experience either “set me on my current career path” or “confirmed my choice of career,” and 88% said that it added to their employability.

If you do choose to take a gap year, it’s a great time to contact a recruiter about temporary staffing. Temp jobs allow you to work in difference scenarios to gain breadth of work experience, exploring different fields without being seen as a flight risk. At the end of a year of temping, you’ll have a better idea of what you do and don’t like about the workforce.

Maybe the gap year isn’t for you, and you prefer to head straight to college. This is certainly the most suitable choice for many people. Just make sure you choose a college with an idea of what you enjoy doing, so you can ensure the financial obligation is worth the time and effort.

Or maybe you prefer to head straight to work, skipping out on the $37,172 in student debt that the average 2016 college graduate holds. This can be a good option too, but it isn’t for everyone, as many careers do eventually require further education in order to advance them.

Whatever you choose, just remember – there’s no one path to a great future. You can carve out your own, that works for you.

Are you considering taking a gap year, and want to speak with a recruiter about temporary jobs? Contact TRC Staffing today.

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