4 Tips That Will Help You Set Boundaries in The Office

https://goo.gl/TEhh5BWhen you work 8 hours day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year . . . it can be hard to separate your work relationships, from personal ones. How can it not be? However casual a work environment may seem, it is still work and there is affine line between “work” and “play”. Here are a few tips that will help maintain that distinction.

There are probably some really great people in your office. There should be! You chose to work for that company party because of the company’s culture. However, you should not spend too much time with people you work with, outside of the office. Yes, you will attend the occasional holiday party with your co-workers, maybe a monthly work meet-and-greet, or perhaps maybe even a summer work cookout. The key term here is work. It is a great idea to develop professional friendships within your company, but just because you say something in private outside of the company walls, doesn’t mean it won’t get told to others within the office. If you do develop a friendship with a co-worker, be careful with your words.

Make time to help others . . . just not too much time. This is a tough one, especially if you have empathy for others. You want to help teach people within in the company and see them grow, but if you spend too much time helping others, you may forget to help yourself. When someone comes up to you and is showing initiative, don’t turn them away. Set boundaries that allow you to appropriately groom and teach the individual. This will also help insure that they are learning to do the work themselves and not just rely on you to do the work for them.

Communicate! Let people know what type of work-style you prefer. Do you like to work alone? Bounce Ideas off of a team? Or maybe work with one other person? The key is to let people know what you prefer if you have the option in your current work environment. If you are upfront in an appropriate way about your preferences, people will respect you. This will also keep you from getting a bad reputation within the office.

Know what your goals are. When you start a new job, it can be very unclear what is to be expected of you. Make sure and sit down with your new manager and talk through what is expected. Talk about daily tasks, monthly goals, what your roll is within the company, and what you will be expected to complete by certain deadlines. Hopefully, most of these details were covered during the initial interview process, but if there is any confusion, ask questions up front. This will set expectations and it will also help you complete assignments on time.

Ultimately, there are different office situations that pop up that you NEVER think would happen. These are a few main tips that will help you set boundaries in the office. Do you have any situations that you have had to establish boundaries for? Tell us about them by commenting below.


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