6 Top Q&A’s You Should Know About W-2’s this Tax Season.

http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=W-2&view=detailv2&&id=5E8D6F4C5B990CF3569B4B03F0DB3A2D6A228DAE&selectedIndex=27&ccid=l18C0jWP&simid=608027049140293155&thid=OIP.M975f02d2358f6652fc6a5237064ccb41o0&ajaxhist=0It’s that time of year again – tax season. If you are like most people, you probably don’t enjoy the process of filing taxes; but, unfortunately it’s one of life’s necessities. Luckily, most companies are switching to electronic W-2’s making it easier for employees to access their personal information. No more waiting for paper copies in the mail!

With most companies utilizing these technologies and providing information online, there will be a learning curve. If this is your first time accessing your W-2 online, know that if you register before December 31st of the prior year, you can “opt-out” of receiving a paper copy. If you register AFTER the 31st of the prior year, you will receive a paper copy in the mail.

What date should you have your W-2 by? This may seem like a straight question but it can be a little tricky. In a perfect world, you should have your information by the end of January. However, this can sometimes be delayed a little if the end of January ends during a weekend. The important factor you need to watch out for here – is that your documents need to be post marked by the 31st. If they are post marked after this date and you still haven’t received your information by mid-February, you need to contact your previous or current company and ask them when they sent out the papers (and where to).

Does that last sentence ring a bell in your head? When and WHERE your W-2 was sent? If you have recently moved to a new location and you didn’t receive anything in the mail regarding taxes, it may be because your paper copy was sent to your old address. If this has happened, go ahead and contact the post office and ask them to set up mail forwarding. If you want another copy to be sent through the mail, you will need to contact your previous or current company and ask them to update your current address and resend the document. If you have the ability to, you can also go in and pick up a paper copy yourself. However, this is one of the perks of using the electronic W-2 portal online. You can just login . . . and all of your information is easily accessible!

How do you log in? When you first started working for a company, they probably sent you an email about logging in, creating an account, and how to access your personal information. If you are currently trying to login to your account and don’t remember anything like that being sent to you . . . start with the basics and try to create a new account. It may have just been forgotten during the initial hiring process.

What if you lost your password? If you can’t create a new account or if you do not remember your account information, you do not need to contact the online service your W-2 is located on (for example ADP). Instead, contact the company that you worked for and they will assist you with any further Username and Password questions. If you are having trouble specifically with TRC Staffing Services W-2, send questions to w2@trcstaffing.com

What if a company you worked for over the year – went out of business? Unfortunately, this can happen but it doesn’t have to be a pain to deal with. If you worked for a company that went out of business, they still SHOULD have sent you a W-2 for the time you spent with them. If they didn’t, search through some of those old emails and try to find an email from HR. This is the best way to reach out to them and try and access the information. If no one responds, DON’T go into panic mode. The IRS has separate forms for you to fill out that will pretty much recreate your W-2 from the past year. You can send this form in with your return and it will complete your taxes.

Lastly, when contacting previous companies you worked for, staffing services, or small businesses – know that they cannot send you this information through email or fax. It has to be sent through the mail or accessed online. This may seem like an inconvenient rule but at the end of the day, it protects your identity.

Do you have any further Q&A’s about W-2’s and taxes? Comment below and tell us about them!

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