Perform a Quick and Painless Online Job Search. for a job online can be quick and easy if performed correctly, or lengthy and unsuccessful if not performed correctly. Instead of getting overwhelmed and distracted by thousands of listings, perform a more efficient, targeted, and painless search using these tips.

Narrow your search results. Use the filters provided by search engines to hone in on what you’re really looking for. You can filter by posting date, company, location, industry, salary, and employment type. You can also exclude certain results, like national jobs or jobs without pay information.

Keep several versions of your resume. Tweak and tailor your resume to suit the various industries and jobs you’re considering. Use keywords in the resume body that apply to the industry or job. This is important because applicant tracking systems that pick up on keywords are commonly used to screen applicants. As you apply to jobs, submit the best version of your resume for that position to increase your odds it’ll actually be seen – so you’re not wasting your time applying.

Look beyond online applications. You should always apply online as directed for the job you’re interested in. However, it pays to do a little digging for the department manager’s or hiring manager’s email address, too. As long as you’re truly interested in – and a fit for – a job, sending a quick and personal note to the hiring manager will give them a heads up and potentially get your resume seen before the hundreds of others that were submitted the traditional way.

Make these simple adjustments to your online search, and you’ll decrease your time looking and increase your odds of landing the job you want. After all, the Internet is supposed to make our lives easier, not harder.


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