How to Prepare for a Video Interview and more companies are arranging video-chat interviews with candidates, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of having interviewees hop on a plane for an in-person meeting. It’s great, except conducting a video interview requires a different set of considerations for the candidate preparing to put his or her best foot forward.

Besides all the traditional considerations that go into prepping for any interview, here are some tips for preparing in particular for the video interview:

Consider your setting. The background you choose is like a frame for your interview, and says a lot about you to your employer. Try to avoid the window with the sheet draped over it to block out the light, and choose a wall with nicely framed art, for example, instead. Make sure that the people in your home know to steer clear during the interview.

Dress as you would for an in-person interview. You don’t need to wear a three-piece suit, but look professional, not like you’re in cleaning mode or just had your bath and are ready for bed.

Make “eye” contact. Eye contact means look at the camera – not at your computer screen, tempting as it may be. When you look at the camera, you’ll be looking at the interviewer in the face, and come across more confident and engaged.

Do a test run. Technical difficulties are common and not the best way to start an interview. So make sure you set up your interview spot and your camera, position yourself, and practice talking just to make sure things will go smoothly during the real interview.

Try these tips, and you’ll look like a true professional for your video interview.


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