Tips for College Seniors: How-to Develop an Online Presence recently published a blog article called “Attention All College Seniors. Use the Holiday Season to Your Advantage!” The article focused on the extra time college seniors have during the Holiday season and gave some suggestions on how to start crafting a great resume. Today’s blog will continue to focus on seniors getting closed to graduation and provide you with a few steps you SHOULD be taking before May.

It’s mid-January and you are probably settling in to your new class schedule. Most seniors usually choose one of two routes for their final semester . . . wait to take all the hard classes or save all the fun ones for last. If you have found yourself leisurely walking from Yoga class to Aerobics, make sure to use this time wisely. Start developing an online presence on career sites and cleaning up your personal ones on social media. Even if you have a huge workload, it would be wise to start doing the same.

There are A TON of career sites that employers and recruiters post available positions on every day. Some of the top pages used are Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. All of these sites provide you with the opportunity to put your new and finally tuned resume online. If you put the work into it during the Holidays, you should have a resume filled with keywords, your experience, and maybe even a few hobbies listed at the bottom. If not, get on it ASAP! By posting this information on different networks, you are self-marketing and making your potential job opportunities expand greatly.

Don’t just stop after you upload your resume, take a professional photo of yourself. A LinkedIn profile picture is different from your Facebook and Twitter account. You will need to upload a very conservative photo. You don’t have to get a professional to do it for it to be a great profile photo. Put on a professional shirt, ask a friend to come take a photo of you, stand against a blank wall and take a nice headshot. This is the perfect profile picture for any career site.

Another great way to attract recruiters to your profile page is to update all of your skills. Start making a running list of all of your skills you have used throughout college. From Social Media to WordPress, put anything you think will help you attract recruiters during your job search. Just make sure you pick skills that relate to the position you are interested in applying for.

Lastly, start looking through available positions. You will go through hundreds of job descriptions on these websites and not every position is going to catch your eye. In fact, many of them may not. Start now to see the norm of the market and what is available. Do your research and also start looking up the average annual salary for the position you are interested in applying for are.

Are you a college senior who is in the middle of the job search process? Do you have a few tips that would help college seniors network themselves? Tell us about them by commenting below!

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