How Millennials Are Changing “Work-Life” Balance to “Life-Work” Balance are over 80 million Millennials in the U.S. and around half of them are in the workforce today. Every year, over 4 million new Millennials enter the workforce and some project that by 2025 they will make up 75% of employees. This is the generation that is changing the regular 9 to 5 job to meet a different, new lifestyle. Millennials are going from a “work – life” balance to a “life – work” balance and many businesses are evolving to meet this different work environment and employee demands.

Why are Millennials so different than the previous generation? Millennials grew up constantly connected through the use of technology that was rapidly developing during their childhood. They had Cell Phones, SMS Texting, Instant Messaging, and Social Networking that kept them constantly connected and helped them develop new skills. They are a “tech savvy” group and are able to constantly multitask at work and learn new technologies as quickly as they are developed. They can complete their work assignments on time, while also keeping track of the latest trends on Instagram.

What they want in a work environment. The main things Millennials are pushing to change in their work environment is the community they work in and the time put into the work they do. Millennials don’t necessarily believe in coming to the office for 8 hours a day, every day. They are interested in remoting in a few days a week and working efficiently on assignments from the comfort of their own homes. What this means is that it isn’t how long you sit in an office, it’s about how long it takes you to get the work done. Millennials are willing to work late, but they are also interested in leaving early after their work is completed.

Millennials are a very social group who want a great work community, and look for companies who have company gatherings and promote a great work atmosphere. They utilize their free time during lunch to socialize with their co-workers, workout, run errands, and catch up on Social Media. They don’t want to work through their lunchbreak at their desk, unlike previous generations.

This type of culture is creating a generation who are willing to be more productive, competitive, and who have a stronger need for a progressive and rewarding company culture. Millennials are taking on more responsibility right away, and setting goals to achieve them.

How Millennials Progressing Company Culture to Meet their “Life-Work” Balance. Millennials are changing everything from how job descriptions are written, to the layout of office spaces. It’s even said that Millennials competitive, equal company culture needs are pushing middle management positions out of the picture for some companies. They are so competitive and driven to succeed, that they don’t need one specific leader, just a strong team of equals to get the job done. Companies seek open floor plans to create community atmosphere and increase engagement with employees. Recruiters are writing friendlier job descriptions that put the benefits of working for a company first and a company’s list of expectations second.

At the end of the day, Millennials seem to be equaling the playing field in the workforce. They are seeking more benefits from working with a company that will make the “Life-Work” balance a little easier. If you are about to be 1 of the 4 million new Millennials entering the workforce this spring, start looking at jobs and talking with recruiters now. Using a staffing service in your job search can offer many job opportunities to new graduates.

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