Four Signs of a Bad Staffing Company

Are you interested in finding a temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent position with a staffing company in Atlanta? It can be tricky knowing what the best staffing company to use is. TRC Staffing Services Atlanta is one of Atlanta’s Top 25 Temporary Employment Agencies, but if you find yourself comparing services, make sure and do the right research. Learn about the company’s culture, the types of clients they staff for, and most importantly, if you see any of the signs listed below, you may need to find a new staffing agency to work with.

They Don’t Complete Background Screenings. If the company is not completing screenings on employees they could be hiring candidates who don’t qualify for the job. Most clients have specific hiring requirements that need to be met and if the staffing company isn’t completing background screenings, they probably aren’t up to standard. A good staffing company that takes time to place ideal candidates in positions where they will succeed, and also makes sure they are following good hiring practices that meet their clients’ expectations.

They Aren’t Upfront About Their Policies. A happy staffing workplace has a set of policies and expectations for both candidates and clients. A great example is if someone does not complete an assignment. A good staffing company will be straight forward about their policies for temporary employees not completing an assignment. Was it an emergency or did you just walk out? If it was an emergency, did you follow their specific call-out policy? Will you be qualified to work for them again if you don’t show up for an assignment? How recruiters respond may determine if their company culture is one you want to be a part of.

They Don’t Have Positive Directory Ratings. Before working with a staffing company, do some research on directories that offer feedback from other employees. Sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and Yelp provide salary data, CEO reviews, comments and more. See what other candidates have to say about the company to get a firsthand review of what it might be like to work there. If you have trouble finding them on these specific sites, take some time to search for their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. This can tell you a lot about the company and their culture. You may also discover exclusive jobs posted only to their social media or be able to interact directly with a recruiter online.

They Don’t Return Your Phone Calls. You shouldn’t be the only person actively engaging in your job search. You should make the first move, contact a recruiter, and follow the appropriate steps, but make sure you aren’t just another number in a system. This goes back to recruiters getting to know you, finding out your strengths and weaknesses, and being honest with you on whether or not you are a fit for current or future positions with their clients.

Have you done the research and come to the conclusion that TRC Staffing Services is the right fit for you? Check out our openings in Atlanta or across the U.S.

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