How to Make a Great Impression at your First Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again – the Holidays are upon us and companies are inviting employees to lunches, dinners, and after hours events. These Holiday parties are an excellent opportunity to network and meet new people. If this is your first Holiday party, you may not know what to expect. Run through this quick “How To List” to nail your first Holiday party.

First, Do Your Research. Before you go to a Holiday party – make sure you know who you are talking to. Go over in your head who works in what departments, put names to faces, or ask colleagues before you go. Nothing is more embarrassing than talking to Joe – from Accounting, when you thought he was Bob – from Marketing. Yikes!

Dress Appropriately. The party may be after hours, but it is still a WORK event. The invite will probably have a suggested dress attire and you can definitely have fun with this. Put a Holiday spin on whatever you wear! Just be sure that whatever you choose to wear is appropriate on an average day at the office.

Break the Ice and Network. Sometimes, it can be awkward meeting new colleagues, but you have to break the ice and meet new people in the organization. The connections you make today, will only help (or hurt) you tomorrow. You can start off by asking to join a conversation with a group of people you don’t know. Learn about what they do, how long they have been with the company, etc. and if you find a fellow peer you really click with, make a lunch date to learn more about them!

Listen More Than You Speak. Yes, it is important to self – market and express the value of your position at Holiday functions, but make sure you listen to what others have to say as well. By doing this you will brush up on the latest office politics, learn about the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of other departments, and learn more about your company culture.

Don’t Drink Too Much. This seems like a basic tip, but you would be surprised how many people have a little too much to drink at work parties. You may be able to handle more than just a few drinks but don’t take the chance of embarrassing yourself. Your boss will notice if you’re throwing them back in the corner! Stick to a two drink rule so that you can monitor your behavior.

Make Sure To Say Hello to Your Boss. You may see this person every day or just once a week, but no matter what, make sure you go out of your way to greet them. This is a great opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level and talk about something other than work.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Your company is throwing this party in appreciation for you and your coworkers. If you are interested in learning more career tips, check out our other blogs!

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