Attention All College Seniors. Use the Holiday Season to Your Advantage! week is Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner. If you’re a senior in college, you have a week to spend time with your family, eat ridiculous amounts of turkey and cram for your finals. You may even have your top 20 Netflix movies already lined up and are ready to binge watch them. The Holidays are meant for you to do all of these things, but you might want to use this time to start thinking about your future career as well.

These last few months before graduation are going to fly by! You SHOULD start applying for jobs in January and prep yourself for interviews, and put the final touches on your resume. That means if you haven’t written a resume, you need to add that to your holiday list.

Use this upcoming week of down time to start gathering your thoughts. Reflect on your college experiences and compile a list. Start thinking of key words and doing a little bit of research. Your resume isn’t something that is going to happen in one sitting – it takes time, multiple critiques, and patience. If you aren’t ready to rip your resume a part by the time you send it out to potential jobs, you need to put some more work into it. Once you think it’s perfect, get someone else to look at it and let them make suggestions. The more input you can get for this, the better.

Why is this process so important? Your resume is what is going to help tell your story and make you stand out. In a few months, thousands of students in the same boat as you are going to apply for jobs and speak with recruiters and hiring managers. They will be applying to the same jobs as you. You aren’t just competing with the same faces you’ve seen for the past four years, you will be competing with people across the U.S., and even the nation. The more work and effort you put into these first critical steps, the better the outcome your job hunt will be.

Take this Holiday season and rejuvenate yourself, rest, and spend time with your family but after you feel recharged, start thinking about your future career. Start writing your resume and getting ahead. Viewing jobs that are available in your field of interest will only help you in the future! You can start by checking out some available jobs that TRC has for clients in Greensboro, by clicking here, or check out the office near you!

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