5 Types of People to Avoid in the Office

http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=tom+office+space&view=detailv2&&id=1CA48F790FE6FF18EFC2FADDF96AEF6F1A65BF00&selectedIndex=7&ccid=VZAvWqIt&simid=608049301247558943&thid=OIP.M55902f5aa22d2b810310a3c5e835b31co0&ajaxhist=0Whether you’ve started a new job or have been working at the same company for years, it’s important to become a part of the company culture and get to know your co-workers. By doing this, you are making connections, networking, and increasing your knowledge. There are 5 types of people you may need to avoid around the office. Put your best foot forward and connect with everyone, but if it’s your first day – take a step back watch the office politics. You may find these 5 types of people are ones to avoid.

The Gossiper. We have all met a person like this at least once. They walk around the office, slipping in and out of doorways whispering secretes to anyone willing to listen. They may seem “in the know”, but becoming best buddies with them just isn’t worth it. This person has a negative impact on the company’s culture. Remember, if someone is willing to speak negatively or spread gossip about someone else, they are probably willing to do it to you.

The Negative Thinker. This person ALWAYS has something negative to say. If they aren’t saying it, they are dragging themselves around the office with a gloomy face. These people are contagious. Their negativity will affect your positive mood and ultimately, decrease your productivity. The power of positive thinking will help you in your career – don’t lose it by spending too much time with a negative thinker in your office!

The Scatterbrain. Ever met one of those people who would ask you where their cell phone is while they are talking on the phone? Yep, that’s the scatterbrain. These people aren’t negative and they don’t purposely harm anyone, but their disorganization creates chaos. It’s okay to associate with these people on lunch breaks every now and then, just don’t rely on ANYTHING to be done correctly by them. At least not the first time.

The Victim. This person can be a tricky one to find in the office place. At first, they seem like great people that are just having a little bit of bad luck… until the bad luck doesn’t stop. For every late assignment they will have an excuse or a reason why they couldn’t complete it on time. Don’t let yourself get caught up in this person’s web.

The Stressor. Finally, the last person you may want to avoid is the person who ALWAYS thinks the sky is falling. These could really be nice people who get there work done on time, but stress is contagious. If you like to constantly be on your toes, grab a cup of coffee with the stressor. Still don’t have an idea of who we are talking about? Think of Tom Smykowski from office space…

Don’t purposely avoid these people if you don’t have too, just be on the lookout! Know any other office personalities to watch out for? We would love to hear from you!

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