Don’t let the Holiday Season Take over Your Social Media’s the end of October and the Holidays are right around the corner. There will be costume parties, turkey suppers and gingerbread houses in the very near future. The seasons will change and temperatures will drop but one thing should stay consistent, your job search. How you present yourself during the holiday season may determine whether or not the recruiter wants to take the next steps in the hiring process. The only person who could potentially damage your search, is you.

With all of your friends and family gathering this holiday season, there are bound to be photos taken! This seems harmless and fun, until someone crosses the line and uploads and shares pictures of you onto a social networking account. These pictures don’t have to be inappropriate to damage your reputation or hurt your job search, they could just be unprofessional.

What you need to remember is that everything posted online is public, whether you posted it or not. These social networking accounts are also where recruiters find potential candidates for open positions. Even if you don’t specifically send recruiters your profile information, 73% of recruiters will still check networking accounts. Don’t ruin your chances of landing a great job this holiday season because of a silly post. Take control of your social media with these 3 tips.

Make sure all networks are set on private. Depending on the network, privacy settings can control everything from who can see your future posts, to what posts you allow yourself to be tagged in from the past. This allows you to control which groups of people are seeing what you post, when they see it, and who isn’t allowed to see it at all. You can choose between your friends, the public or even save a post just for yourself! Remember though, if you’re putting something online, it’s still going on the web but it helps to control it by changing your account settings. If you have to approve everything you’re associated with online, you know what’s being posted!

Learn your networks. Every network is used for a different purpose. Some are used more specifically for business and making connections (LinkedIn), while others incorporate more casual networking (Facebook). By learning the norms of each network, you will have a better idea of what is deemed appropriate. For example, you took some great action shots of your family playing touch football over the weekend. This is fine to upload to Facebook but posting this as your LinkedIn image, isn’t exactly appropriate. Use your best judgment and maybe even do a little research before you hit submit!

Don’t put anything private online. If all of this sounds like too much of a hassle, keep your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts completely professional. Don’t take photos at gathering and if you do, ask people to not post them online if you are in them. Remember, if you have any questionable doubts about something you are about to upload… don’t post it.

Online networking could help land you the job of your dreams, if used correctly. This is what makes it such a beneficial tool for your job search and it’s one way TRC Staffing Services recruiters find candidates every day to fill open positions. It’s as simple as uploading your work experience, job description and a professional picture of yourself to all of your networks. Are you interested in looking at open positions now? Take a look at our job board.


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