Don’t Make These 4 Not-So-Obvious Job Search Mistakes are those obvious mistakes most people know are job-search no-nos – like typos in your resume, or arriving late to an interview. Then there are the not-so-obvious mistakes, that even an excellent job candidate can make. 

For example, candidates with amazing backgrounds sometimes focus too much on what they’ve achieved in the past – without connecting the dots for potential employers to what they’ll be able to achieve in the future, with that employer. Make sure to make it clear how your past accomplishments will translate to future ones, that aid in the success of the company you want to work for.

Another mistake? Thinking you don’t need a professional online presence. These days, most if not all employers search online for evidence of candidates’ professional accomplishments and social presence to see if they are who they say they are, as well as get a feel for the personality they portray to the public. It helps your chances of getting a job if you perform a little “personal branding SEO” so that you and your professional past and present are findable on the Internet.

Something else to keep in mind is “keeping it simple.” If you’re an accomplished person with a lot of detail to go on a resume, you still need to be able to trim down to the most impressive and relevant information. Find the quickest way to say it, and put that on your resume. Otherwise what you really want the employer to see will get lost.

Finally – don’t make the mistake of not asking for help. Sure, you’re awesome, and you could do it alone. But you’ll have much better opportunities if you’re smart enough to ask for help. Staffing agencies, recruiters, old bosses and other professional acquaintances are here to help talented candidates just like you. So speak up. You can always pay it forward some day. That’s the beauty of surrounding yourself with others who are passionate about what they do, and good at it, too.

Speaking of reaching out – if you’re a talented candidate in the market for a new job opportunity, TRC Staffing Services, Inc. can help match you with employers looking for people just like you. We place job candidates in temporary, temp-to-per, and full-time employment positions. Start with the TRC Staffing job boards, where you’ll find all types of jobs across the country.

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