How To Answer The Interview Question, “Why Here?”

One of the most obvious-seeming interview questions is also one that throws many candidates for a loop. But it’s crucial you have a great answer ready. The question is “Why do you want to work here?”

Before you ever go into an interview, you need to have researched the company, department, and position well and really asked yourself why it is you want to work at that company.  Maybe it’s because the job description seems to fit what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s because you’ve heard great things about the people you’d be working with. Or maybe you really love the mission of the company.

All of these are fine answers – but they aren’t enough.

To successfully answer the question: “Why do you want to work here?” you’ll need to take your answer a step further and put the focus on the company and off of you. Sure, you would be thrilled to work for a company that sells incredible athletic gear – but how do you see your own talents, strengths, skills, and passions helping to make that company a better place?

Answer that question, and you’re prepared. And doing it right requires thoughtful consideration and knowledge of the company and of yourself.

Are you looking for a new job opportunity at a company you love and admire – where you can contribute your skills to make it a better place? TRC Staffing Services has many years of experience matching great candidates with companies looking for people just like them. You can start by visiting the TRC Staffing job board to search and apply for positions that interest you.

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