6 Ways To “Be The Change You Wish To See” At Work

http://smarter.telstrabusiness.com/leadership/5-tips-for-a-happy-workplaceWant to make your workplace a happier one? Or maybe you’re looking for job with an amazing work environment. Either way, you play a bigger role than you may realize in your happiness at work.

Try these tips and we bet you’ll see an improvement – almost right away.

  1. Send a note. Has anyone at wordone something you were grateful for? Even something very small? Write a note and tell them you appreciated it. It doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out letter. Just a couple of lines expressing your appreciation. Talk about a morale boost! You’ll make that person smile, probably make his or her day, and endear yourself to them – which makes work a much lovelier place to be for you both.
  1. Give others credit. Whether in a meeting, via an email thread, or even in conversation over lunch, be sure to give credit to the people who are helping you achieve success on a project – every little bit of credit you can give is important. You’re not downplaying your own role, but being generous towards others, making them feel appreciated, and making them more willing to help you in the future. And that makes work a better place to be.
  1. Provide positive feedback. Sometimes it’s easier to spot others shortcomings, than to notice the ways they’ve grown. If you notice someone at work doing something well or showing improvement, point it out to them. You’ll encourage them to do even better.
  1. Offer help. Does a coworker seem overwhelmed? Is your boss putting in later than usual hours? Speak up, and offer to help. And if your own workload is light and your day slow, send out an email asking if you can help with anything. People will appreciate it, and likely return the favor.
  1. Accept constructive criticism. When your boss or manager provides what may feel like criticism, resist the urge to get defensive. That feedback isn’t a reflection on you as a person. We all need feedback from time to time to improve and get better at our jobs. Listen well, validate the concerns, and use them to improve going forward – without worry that the feedback is an affront to your character.
  1. Be personal. Ask others how their weekends were and listen. Don’t always get straight to business. Take the time to get to know others, and you’re investing in relationships – and in a better work environment.

If you’ve noticed a theme, you’re right. If you want to make work better – or make your next job amazing – make your work relationships better. Try these tips, and you’ll see just how empowering it can be to change work for the better, just by showing kindness and interest in those around you.

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