Employers Turn to “A” Candidates Digital Footprints for Answers

sm-networksThere is no denying the fact that the world of recruiting has evolved significantly overtime. Prior to the innovation of Google, LinkedIn and online job boards, candidates responded to job postings via bulletin boards and newspapers. Due to the evolution of these social platforms, today’s employers are now shifting to a more “digital” perspective to determine if you are the right fit. As technology continues to drive recruitment strategies, recruiters continue to turn to the internet to find out if you look just as good on paper as you do online.

As of July 2015, LinkedIn acquired over 380 million users. Since then, the job distribution platform continues to expand to new channels as recruiters began sourcing candidates through their own personal networks. Now, having a strong digital presence is the way to capture an employer’s attention in order to differentiate yourself in today’s job market. A flawless and detailed resume is no longer enough to separate yourself from other candidates. Recent findings from the Wall Street Journal revealed “90% of recruiters and hiring managers Google a candidate before even contacting him or her.” Let’s take a look at how a few platforms can boost your online presence:

LinkedIn: 90% of companies use Social Media to recruit and the first outlet they turn to is no surprise- your LinkedIn profile. Keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile should not be a digital replica of your resume. It is important to employers that you utilize this tool in other ways outside of listing your previous experiences. Show off your expertise by including examples of your work such as a link to your blog, website, or project you have completed during your career. Interact and engage with others by participating in group discussions, posting updates relating to your industry, or sharing content from industry leaders. Doing this will show employers you are an innovative thinker with a desire to learn.

Google+: If you are on the job hunt, make sure your Google+ account has been recently updated. Complete your profile and widen your network with Google+ circles. For example, create a category called ‘Networking Contacts’ and post informative content you discover during your job search. Try hosting a hangout or follow leaders in your industry for the latest tips and tricks!

Facebook: Before speaking with recruiters or engaging with industry professionals, make sure your Facebook profile is “interview ready.” Start by going through tagged photos and status updates. Delete any photos, albums, or mentions that don’t portray you in a professional manner. Also, check your privacy settings to ensure your friends or family do not post anything without your permission.

Twitter: Organizations such as TRC Staffing Services post many of their open positions on Social Media channels such as Twitter. Start by building your network and then converse with organizations that you would like to learn more about. A secret tip: don’t be overly professional, Twitter is a great resource to show off your personality and keep up with the latest trends! You can search hashtags such as #atlantajobs to see what positions are available near you.

If you are looking to further your career, enhancing your presence online is one of the best ways to market yourself. Do you have any tips on how to brand yourself? Join the conversation with us on Twitter @TRC_Staffing or search our job openings at #TRCJOBS!

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