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The Classic Resume-Building Mistake We’ve All Made

We’ve all done it. Written our resumes, carefully listing each employer, our job title, followed by a long list of…job responsibilities. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except we learned that job results work better. Here are some examples. Instead of “created marketing campaigns” say “created marketing campaigns resulting in a 25% sales increase.” Instead of […]

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Employers Turn to “A” Candidates Digital Footprints for Answers

There is no denying the fact that the world of recruiting has evolved significantly overtime. Prior to the innovation of Google, LinkedIn and online job boards, candidates responded to job postings via bulletin boards and newspapers. Due to the evolution of these social platforms, today’s employers are now shifting to a more “digital” perspective to […]

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Separate Yourself from Other Candidates

You have just come across this amazing job opportunity and have spent hours revising your resume. At this point, it seems like you’ve covered it all between tweaking your resume, perfecting every word in your cover letter and providing an impeccable list of references. But is it enough to set yourself apart as a job […]

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