The Rise of Accounting Professionals

Accounting plays a crucial role to the corporate structure at almost any organization. As the economy continues to improve, professionals in financial operations are needed now more than ever to alleviate our nation’s financial setback. Due to this recent shift, the demand for accounting professionals in today’s job market has skyrocketed.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 166,700 new accounting and auditing jobs will open up by 2022. This means there will be a 13.1% job growth rate in this industry alone!

Looking to advance your career?

Fortunately, TRC Staffing Services in Raleigh, NC provides both temporary and permanent job opportunities that can help you navigate through the job market. Brad Barbour, Franchise owner and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) of TRC Staffing Services in Raleigh, shares his perspective on the criteria he looks for when hiring for accounting professionals: “When looking for the right candidate to fulfill one of our open positions, many of our clients either prefer a Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BS) or a Master’s of Science (MS) for more demanding types of jobs.” When asked which areas are the hottest in the industry, he reveals, “Positions such as Financial Analysts, Accountants, and Sr. Accountants are consistently competitive and are considered the highest in demand amongst their current candidate demographic.”  Within the accounting industry, there is an increasingly high demand for professions such as Accountants and Auditors as they properly ensure all matters are executed efficiently and smoothly by overseeing all financial operations.

When looking at other deal breakers for today’s candidates, Jodi Chavez, Senior Vice President of Accounting Principles states “it’s vital for companies to ensure candidates have just the right combination of expertise, soft skills and cultural attributes. Nearly 90% of hiring failures are a result of a poor cultural fit.” In other words, even though you have the experience to fulfill the job duties, you might not fit in with the overall dynamics of the company culture. Avoid falling into this category by thoroughly researching the organization of interest and asking questions during the interview process to make sure the company is a fit for you.

Seeking employment opportunities in Raleigh, North Carolina? Connect with TRC Staffing Services and learn more about the TRC Staffing Services Raleigh location today!

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