Key Tips & Strategies for Leaving Your Job Gracefully

new job1Considering taking that next step in your career, but unsure how to break the news to your employer? Fortunately, TRC Staffing Services can help with that.

Recent job market studies indicate an improved economy and an ample amount of job openings exists across multiple industries. Consequently, as more opportunities continue to develop, employees have a shorter retention span and wind up leaving within five years of being hired. The Wall Street Journal reveals the number of people hired for jobs and those voluntarily quitting their jobs has reached its highest point over six years.

If you are ready to take that next step, there are a few ways you can prepare yourself:

Give Enough Notice: Providing a two-week notice is the professional standard amount of time employees give their employers at most organizations. Carolyn Edwards, Employee Benefits & Services Manager at TRC Staffing Services, Inc. recommends “providing a notice of up to four weeks for upper management roles. This allows the organization sufficient time to hire a replacement for a smooth transition.” The next question is to determine when to give your notice. Business News Daily advises to provide notice on Fridays- “it gives you a couple days to regroup before entering your last two weeks at work.” It is best to be prepared for any situation that may arise. Depending on the structure of your organization, your employer might offer you a counter-offer or you might be immediately escorted to the door upon submitting your resignation.

Tell Your Boss Before Anyone Else: If there is one thing people like to do, it’s to talk. Nothing can compare to a juicy story on an early Monday morning about who is getting ready to put in their notice, so make sure you break the news to your boss first! It will only make matters worse if your boss finds out from your coworker. Set up a meeting with your boss to discuss in person, and then turn in your formal resignation letter. We recommend to briefly state your resignation by including the date of your last day,  then thank the employer for the opportunity they have provided, and offer to assist in the transition process. Alison Doyle, leading job search expert from About.Com provides several examples that will help you announce your resignation.

Ultimately, how you leave your employer speaks volumes about your character. Do your best to maintain your integrity and avoid burning bridges. If you have any stories of how you graciously left a previous employer, please connect with us!

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