The Best Way to Handle Job Rejection

job rejectionWe know that you receive plenty of feedback about the steps you take before getting the actual job, but for some reason not many people bring up the elephant in the room when it is all said and done- how to cope with rejection. And we know, just like in your relationships, getting rejected can be the ultimate “debbie downer”, but luckily we have a few ways of how to help you bounce back and land the job you’ve been dreaming about:

  1. Your Recruiter is Your New BFF: IF you used a recruiter to find the job in question- lean on them to provide you with any feedback on how to better prepare yourself for the next time. Listen intently for any tips and tricks they may provide and use this to better yourself!
  2. Self- Assessment: Go over the conversation and questions that were asked during the interview process once more. Would you have hired yourself? Could you have practiced more for those tough questions? Did you leave anything out of the interview that you really wanted to cover? Do a self-assessment and determine if you gave it 100% or if perhaps, you could have done a little better.
  3. Mix-Up Your Strategy: It might be possible that you’re not giving it your all- maybe your taking your time or consider yourself being “productive” by taking the easy way out as you continue to apply for positions via your LinkedIn profile. If this is the case, take a good look in the mirror, because finding the right job takes time my friend. Spend this time by updating your resume by using keywords from the job description, staying active on Social Media, or creating a catchy cover letter.

No matter which way you put it, getting rejected from a potential employer can be a let down. Hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? So get back out there and land the job of your dreams!

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