Archive | February, 2015

The Best Way to Handle Job Rejection

We know that you receive plenty of feedback about the steps you take before getting the actual job, but for some reason not many people bring up the elephant in the room when it is all said and done- how to cope with rejection. And we know, just like in your relationships, getting rejected can […]

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Top Staffing Trends of 2015

Client and candidate behavior is constantly changing, which means trends within the staffing industry will continue to evolve as well to meet the needs of these consumers. Take a look at the following key staffing trends for 2015: Enhanced Social Media Presence: According to LinkedIn’s recent survey on Key Insights for Recruitment in 2015, 76% […]

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Administrative Talent: A Valuable Resource During Tax Season

For tax professionals, things are about to get very busy. During tax season, accountants are often swamped with numbers, regulations, and more numbers. Many of their duties can be delegated to administrative workers, easing the burden for accountants and leveraging of the talents of these assistants. Here are some administrative positions, and the roles they […]

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