2015 Hiring Trends

2015The 2015 CareerBuilder U.S. Job Forecast has good news for people seeking jobs or raises. The study found that in 2014 hiring increased broadly, a trend that will continue in 2015. So what does that mean, specifically?

  1. Full-time hiring will increase by 12% from 2014, the best hiring outlook since before the recession. Particularly in sales, customer service, information technology, production, and administrative personnel.
  2. Temporary hiring will increase. Forty-six percent of employers say they’ll hire more temp or contract workers in 2015. Many of these workers will transition to full-time, permanent jobs.
  3. Part-time hiring will increase. Concerns about the Affordable Care Act and its requirements to provide health insurance to full-time employees is a factor in 23% – up 6 percentage points from last year – planning to hire part-time workers.
  4. Pay will increase. Nearly half of employers expect to raise their companies’ minimum wage (with or without new state minimum wage laws). Eighty-two percent will increase existing employee’s pay this year. And 64% of employers – up from 49% in 2014 – will increase starting salaries for new employees.

Things are looking up for workers!

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