How to Remain Productive During the Holidays

imagesDJN3JQSTWhether you are attending multiple holiday parties this season or trying to complete this year’s shopping list, figuring out how to balance work and personal time with your family and friends can be difficult.  During the Holiday season, we are faced with countless distractions that result in decreased levels of productivity in the workplace. In order to keep crossing off items on our to-do list, we have a few suggestions of how to remain productive during the Holidays:

  1. Plan Ahead: Due to the countless obligations we encounter during the holidays, it is easy to lose momentum and wait until the last minute. If you know that your schedule at home will be packed the week before Christmas, accomplish your most challenging projects in the office ahead of time. Communicate your goals and expectations with your manager so you are both on the same page.
  2. Develop a Better Sense of Organization: Gather your projects, to-do lists, and monthly objectives in your professional and personal life. Make a running list of these items and then prioritize your tasks.
  3. Don’t Take on Too Much: Sometimes, it is okay so say “NO”. We know you are trying to be a social butterfly by trying to partake in every Holiday function, client event, and tacky Christmas party, but this additional stress can diminish your productivity. Don’t feel obligated to attend every gathering you are invited to.
  4. Be Realistic: When defining your objectives for the upcoming year, set realistic goals that complies with your budget and the expectations of what your company wants to achieve the following year.
  5. Stay Healthy: Especially during the winter season, it is easier than you might think to catch the common flu from the office or cold from your children’s daycare. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest! Maintaining a healthy diet as well as exercising will also alleviate stress. Watch out for the dessert tray at your next holiday party too, as sugary foods can impact your health both mentally and physically.
  6. Avoid Overlapping: As you try to juggle plans within your professional and personal lives, make sure you work on one project at a time. Finishing your online shopping while wrapping up a call with your boss is probably not the best idea! Carve out some time to get all of your tasks accomplished without jeopardizing your employment.

By managing your time efficiently this Holiday season, you will not only save time and energy, but will also allow you to stand out with your manager and team members. By following our suggestions, you can set yourself up for success in the New Year! If you have any other ways of how to remain productive this season, please share!

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