Why Good Employees Quit

i quitWith the holiday season rapidly approaching, there comes a period during the year where some of your most well-respected, hardworking, and loyal employees do the unthinkable- QUIT. In order to obtain and retain talented employees, hiring managers have become even more thorough and seek candidates that are looking to grow and develop beyond the desired role. Here are some of the reasons of why the best of the best employees end up quitting:

  1. Management: When employees quit, it is not so much the company they leave behind, it is their managers. Management plays a determining factor upon the success and development of employees. A manager’s role consists of more than just providing instruction or giving a laundry list of items to accomplish- allowing them to make decisions, being open to more opportunities, and serving as a mentor will greatly impact their career.
  2. Mismatch: During the interview process, it is important to question and analyze the company culture and whether or not you will be a right fit for the open position. Before accepting, ask the hiring manager his or her the expectations of the role and what the day to day routine will be like if you were to accept the positon.
  3. Limited Room for Growth: One of the most common reasons employees leave their current role is a result of limited options for career development. Talented, successful, and loyal employees are looking to strengthen their skills and responsibilities beyond ones in their current role. Does your company offer growth opportunities or career path its top talent?
  4. Work/Life Balance: Depending on your position or the size of the company, it is common that your role might be one that encompasses two or three different positions. Given the pressures of completing all of the objectives could mean having to sacrifice your personal time, which often leads to employees getting burned out and quitting their jobs.
  5. Lack of Appreciation: Many successful companies provide a type of rewards or incentive program to their employees. Recognition of hard work can be done in a variety of ways both internally and externally. Some examples companies implement are newsletters, press releases, an employee rewards system, or a flexible work schedule. Many also treat company culture very seriously by honoring anniversaries of employee’s, birthdays, or other team events.

Learning reasons why some of your best employees end up leaving can be beneficial for potential job seekers, employers, and hiring managers. Conducting exit interviews is an excellent way to get to the bottom of employee turnover within your organization. What are some of the other reasons that you find good employees quit?

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