Archive | December, 2014

How to Remain Productive During the Holidays

Whether you are attending multiple holiday parties this season or trying to complete this year’s shopping list, figuring out how to balance work and personal time with your family and friends can be difficult.  During the Holiday season, we are faced with countless distractions that result in decreased levels of productivity in the workplace. In […]

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How to Make a Lasting Impression During Your First Week at Work

Congratulations! You landed a job at a great company in a role that you have been dreaming about for months. The amount of time devoted to crafting your resume, researching the company history, and extensive interviewing has paid off. Now, your first day starts Monday and you are wondering how to make a lasting impression […]

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Why Good Employees Quit

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, there comes a period during the year where some of your most well-respected, hardworking, and loyal employees do the unthinkable- QUIT. In order to obtain and retain talented employees, hiring managers have become even more thorough and seek candidates that are looking to grow and develop beyond the desired […]

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