How Your Email Etiquette is Crucial to Your Work Rapport

imagesJFIR2LTHDue to our busy and chaotic schedules, our smartphones have become our favorite accessory and “working on-the-go” has become the norm. But this transition does not link to proper communication in the workforce. In order to achieve this, we must execute the proper email etiquette. There are 57 million employees who use email for work- it serves as the primary communication tool with coworkers and could severely impact career development, varying on the structure of the emails.

Here are some of our ways, we suggest to help improve your email etiquette:

  1. Be Specific in The Subject Line– With the overwhelming amount of emails flooding our inbox, it is crucial to be clear and specific of your message within the subject line. Ask yourself, what is the main idea of your message and/or what do you want your reader to gain while reading this? Having a clear message, phrase, or keyword in the subject line also makes it easier for end users to go back and search for your email if needed.
  2. Be Sparing When Using “Reply All”- Let’s say there is an email chain between your manager and several other members of your team. When replying to this message, do not click “reply all” unless you are 100% positive that the other members needs to be aware of the information.
  3. Be Clear and Concise– Keeping your emails brief and to the point will go a long way. In the beginning of your email, answer any important issues by providing pertinent information before going into specific details. Many professionals scroll through their inbox using their mobile devices and are looking for the main point.
  4. Respond within an Appropriate Amount of Time– When you begin your career, learning how your manager, coworkers, and/or clients can perceive you as reliable and loyal to your company’s objectives takes time. One of the steps to achieve this is by responding to emails in a timely manner. Even if you cannot provide an immediate answer, be courteous and let the end user know you will get back to them as quickly as possible. Replying within 24-48 hours is acceptable.
  5. Just Remember, Email is not The Only Option– There are some cases in which connecting with coworkers or clients may need to be done over the phone or perhaps in person. For instance, if there are many issues that need to be addressed, or complex details that are better to deliver in person, picking up the phone or having a face to face meeting would be the best alternative.

As a final and important reminder, always read through the email before you hit send to check for errors. Double check for typos, grammar/sentence structure, or attachments you may have forgotten to include prior to sending. If you have any tips of improving email etiquette, reply in the comment section below!

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