Be Your Own Boss- How to Advance in Your Career

5fadb6253b053e52f295a1f3b6e85d8fAre you at a standstill in your career and need a better sense of direction to meet your yearly objectives? In reality, you obtain a strong work ethic and convey confidence in your role but are just unable to take it to the next level. For some, it could be trying to strengthen the relationship with a boss or being content in your current role, or afraid to branch outside of your comfort zone. It might even be that you are unsure of the reason. In order to get the promotion you have always dreamed of, we’ve developed some useful tips to help you get ahead:

  1. Lists, lists, lists– Whether you make your lists in your smartphone, set reminders on your outlook calendar, or use the old-school method of paper and pen- continue to write everything down throughout the day and set reminders for yourself. That way, you know your to-do’s and daily goals are being met.
  2. Be Assertive– Communicate your ideas with your boss and other members of your team CONFIDENTLY. Exemplifying assertion in your role will indicate a solid understanding of the key objectives that need to be met for your project, department, or organization.
  3. Flexibility– Being open to performing in challenging situations that lie outside your current job description is crucial to moving up in the corporate ladder. Helping out others, taking risks, and demonstrating optimism, will definitely get noticed.
  4. Productivity– When helping out your manager, make sure to pay close attention to detail, that way he or she will know they can continue to come to you when a difficult or strenuous project presents itself.
  5. Develop a Vision- If you grow, so does the company, so stay in tune with the overall company objectives that are discussed amongst the V.P.’s and other members of your team. Once you have a solid grasp of how you can incorporate these objectives within your role, share these ideas with your manager.

Once you start incorporating these within your daily routine, you will be moving up the corporate ladder in no time! Sometimes just developing a sense of organization and prioritization is all it takes. Do you have any stories of how you advanced in your career?

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