Recruiting Takes on Social

social recruitingSocial Media– we live it, see it, and breathe it. Hey, we can’t even get on an elevator or sit in traffic without pulling out our smartphones and scrolling through our Twitter feed, am I right? By serving as our society’s primary communication tool, Social Media continues to dictate the direction of brand engagement. Moving forward, there is no denying that Social Media is revolutionizing the future and dominating the business world.

The use of Social Media as a recruiting tool is currently at an all-time high: In today’s highly competitive market, many of the resources used by recruiters when screening candidates is Social Media based. In order to give you a clearer understanding, indicates 92% of companies use Social Media for recruiting purposes and 45% of Fortune 500 Firms include links to Social Media on their career page sections. Over the next twelve months, recruiters are expecting the market to tighten up and become even more competitive. For Recruiters, this means that if you aren’t using Social Media as a source of candidates yet- you will be. Hanne Parmele, Corporate Recruiter for TRC Staffing Services, shares her successful approach upon looking for the right candidate: “LinkedIn is crucial. In today’s competitive marketplace, potential candidates MUST have a strong profile, emphasizing their qualifications in a clear and professional manner. Know that Recruiters are searching on keywords and skill set- so make sure they are in your profile!”

What does this mean for potential job seekers? Be extremely cautious of what you are posting on all of your Social Media accounts. Once you complete the application process, Hiring Managers and Recruiters will be checking out your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Company Culture is one of the most important factors upon making a final offer and your Social Media presence could indicate how well you would fit in with the team. LinkedIn is the most powerful resource for recruiting, so spend extra time fine tuning your profile prior to applying for jobs or setting up interviews. For an added bonus, Hanne Parmele also advises job seekers to “google key words related your profession and incorporate them within your profiles, by doing this, will exponentially increase the number of searches you show up in.” For more tips on attracting recruiters to your LinkedIn profile, refer to: The Most Powerful Networking Tool and How to Use It to Your Advantage.

By keeping up with the latest social media developments, it will allow you to remain top of mind with a Recruiter. Don’t forget, it never hurts to keep in contact for upcoming opportunities. Do you have any advice of how to stand out via Social Media channels?

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