How to Best Utilize Your Time at Work

timeWe’ve all been there, you get to work bright and early Monday morning and begin to make a to-do list of everything you need to get done for the day.  Then, all of a sudden the day disappears and you are stuck in traffic on the way home wondering where the day went. There are numerous reasons as to why the day was such a blur— first you got caught helping your boss finish a project, then you’re unexpectedly working with one of your clients who was not pleased with last month’s report, and finally, the 2:00 conference call lasted way longer than planned, or it is just Monday—the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet and you’re trying to get caught up.

No matter what the reason was, you need a better plan of staying on track and managing your time wisely. So when tomorrow rolls around, try the following tips as you begin your day:

  1. Think Ahead– First things first- After you wake up, get the kids ready for school and grab a quick breakfast, you’re out the door. Now, you are at a standstill in the middle of your morning commute—use this time to your advantage by brainstorming where you left off Friday afternoon and begin making a running list in your head of everything you need to get done for that day. This way, when you get to the office you will have preconceived knowledge of how to spend your day.
  2. Write Down Everything, and I Mean Everything– Now that you are settled in and have sorted through unanswered emails, go ahead and make a list of everything you need to accomplish during that day. As the day proceeds, continue to write down all of your thoughts and any upcoming events— be sure to jot it down in that empty calendar space! Throughout the day you will most likely be faced with countless interruptions, which is why it so imperative to constantly carry a calendar and/or notebook of some sort and record everything. Once you have completed these tasks, make sure you cross them off! This will start to make more sense as you will later see how your day is being spent and you will have a running list while avoiding missed deadlines and distractions.
  3. Schedule a specific time in the day for when you will be completing that specific task. Most importantly, schedule each task with an appropriate time block, what I mean by that is do not schedule a strenuous or tiresome task at the end of the day when you are burnt out or during a time when you know you will have many interruptions.
  4. Stay Organized and Stay Focused by Paying Close Attention to Detail: This may sound self-explanatory, but your thoughts will not be more jumbled if you do not stay organized—more specifically, clean up your inbox by deleting items you have accomplished, create folders of ongoing projects, and tidy up your desk as well by sorting through miscellaneous documents, but keeping important resources close by.

At the end of the day when all is said and done, take a minute to gather your thoughts and once more run through the day’s objectives. Once you feel like you are at a stopping point, go ahead and sign-out and call it a night! Last but not least, go to bed without any electronics to avoid scrolling through your inbox. This way, you can go to bed feeling accomplished, wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to take on tomorrow’s to-do’s!

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