Cover Letter Formalities: Do’s and Don’ts

 TCover Letter Imagehere it is again, “please submit your resume and cover letter to” You have tweaked and revised your  resume multiple times but cannot determine how to differentiate your cover letter from the other candidates.

In today’s world, the vast majority of cover letters end up looking fairly similar and instead of landing in the hands of your future boss, they wind up in the deleted folder. So the real question is, how can my cover letter stand out from the highly competitive market of today’s job seekers?

Read the following tips below to find out how:

Catch their interest from the start

By addressing your letter to a specific person instead of the generic and common “to whom it may concern” or “dear hiring  manager,” this will automatically set you apart from your competition as it indicates you’re acquired knowledge of the position and your correct point of contact. Next, absolutely steer clear from “my name is ____, and I am applying for the position of ____.” Recruiters and hiring managers are aware of this and you will come off as inexperienced and will blend in. This is your chance to convey your strengths outside of your resume by portraying your personality, passion, and interest for the particular field and/or organization. By writing an eye-catching introduction, you have a better chance that the recruiter, employer, or hiring manager will keep reading as to why you are the right candidate.

Be concise. Be specific.

In today’s competitive market, the HR department is constantly overwhelmed with future job seekers, like yourself, submitting hundreds of applications, which means you only have a short amount of time to gain an employer’s attention. By doing so, brevity is key to the formation of your cover letter. The proper cover letter should contain between three to four paragraphs, roughly half a page, give or take. In regards to listing your previous experience and accomplishments, quantify your achievements as much as possible. For instance, instead of just listing that you “supervised and managed sales operations,” you would say “I supervised and managed sales operations by increasing revenue from 0% to 30% in the fiscal year of 2012.”

Do your homework

Knowledge is powerful. By demonstrating you obtain a solid foundation of the company history and the company culture indicates passion for that specific organization. Recruiters or employers want to know why you are interested and what makes you a great fit.


In order to close on a strong note, quickly summarize how your experience can contribute to the upcoming position. Then provide him/ her with your contact information upon scheduling an interview. In order to avoid errors in formalities, attach your letter as a PDF.

Most importantly, be yourself! Well rounded individuals inside and outside of the work environment play a key role within dynamics of the company.

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