New Study Measures Motivations for Freelancing

typing on laptopFlexibility. Control. Work-life balance. Today, more people are choosing to freelance, and naming these benefits as reasons why. This is according to a new study, “Freelancing in America: A National Survey of the New Workforce,” commissioned by Freelancers Union and Elance-Odesk (two organizations with a vested interest in freelancers’ success). 

Today freelancers constitute 34% of the national workforce. Workers who fall into the category of “freelancers” include freelance business owners, independent contractors, temporary workers, people who work a day job and pick up extra income through freelancing, and people who work part time jobs and round out 40 or more hours by freelancing.

According to the study these are the top 10 personal motivations for freelancing: 

  1. 68% – to earn extra money
  2. 42% – to have flexibility in my schedule
  3. 37% – out of financial necessity
  4. 33% – ability to choose my own projects
  5. 31% – to be in control of my own financial future
  6. 30% – to be able to pursue work I am passionate about
  7. 30% – to gain additional skills or experience
  8. 29% – to be able to spend more time with friends and family
  9. 27% – to have independence from things such as office dynamics
  10. 22% – to expand my professional network

Freelancing does give a great deal of control back to the worker, allowing him to charge higher hourly rates than he might make as an employee, as well as giving him the option to choose projects and work around family life. It also makes for a more nimble workforce. 

Have you ever been or are you a freelancer? What are some of the benefits or drawbacks you’ve experienced?

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