A good example of “employer branding” (aka recruitment strategy)

employer brandingWant to forgo the flood of unqualified job applicants for a pool of skilled candidates perfectly suited for your company?  You might want to follow the example of companies like Johnson & Johnson, whose recent revamping of their employer brand included a new and improved Careers Website.

What did the new site entail?

Part of Johnson & Johnson’s strategy was simple, yet brilliant. Educate job seekers about the company and the open positions thoroughly, before they apply – thus, screening out many uninterested or unqualified workers.

To achieve this feat, the new site includes highly specific information about job requirements. It also truly educates workers about its workplace culture, so they can make informed decisions on their own about whether or not they’re a fit. For example, videos portray current employees talking about their own experience working for the company (albeit, they’re not likely to say anything bad). They stress that the workplace culture is such that employees need to be flexible and willing to move between departments and wear many hats. The point being, if you’re looking for a clear path up the career ladder, the company may not be for you.

The results

Since their employer rebranding, the company has seen its pool of prospective employees improved by 54%, while their new hire turnover dropped by 23%. Compared with June-July 2013, the same months this year showed the website’s audience rose 30%, visitors stayed 32% longer, and page views up 92%.

The lesson seems obvious, but you will benefit from more targeted candidates when you invest in employer branding. Starting can be as simple as a well-written job description that actually informs the candidate of the requirements and culture.

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