How to Return to the Workforce

business woman walkingIf you’ve taken, or plan to take, a hiatus from the work force, you may wonder if it will be difficult to return. The answer is yes and no. Maybe you took time out to care for your children or an elderly relative, to pursue a different passion, or for some other reason. Whatever your story, the point is everybody has one. And anyone can return to the workforce, if you desire to do so. But here are a few important steps you’ll need to take – once you’re ready to return.

1. Reach out to your contacts. Get in touch with co-workers and bosses, friends, and industry acquaintances to let them know you’re re-entering the workforce.

2. Dust off your elevator pitch. By this we simply mean get clear in your head your short- and long-term goals, and why you’re qualified. Since it may have been a while since you’ve had to sell yourself in this way, it’s good to practice.

3. Sign up for a class and/or attend industry-related meet-ups. Since things may have changed since you were last working, it’s always good to brush up on your skills as well as understand what’s cutting edge in your industry. You’ll be able to demonstrate this knowledge in an interview, too.

4. Consider contract work. You’ll have time to assess whether being back at work and a particular company/job are the right fit for you, before committing to the job long-term.

5. Write down the skills you’ve gained during your time away from the workforce. You will certainly find that you’ve grown as a person in a way that will translate to the job you hope to obtain.

6. Have patience. You may find something new right away, or it may take a little longer. The point is, if it’s what you desire and you are persistent, you will not only re-enter the workforce but eventually find a job you truly love.

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